San Antonio, Texas

This past week we did a little road tripping and made our way from Houston to San Antonio to fill ourselves with Texas pride. I was excited to check out the Battle For Texas Experience museum since-shocking-I have never been!

Bowie, Travis, Crockett, Sequin and Santa Anna. They’re all represented in this incredible collection of many never-before-seen artifacts. This unforgettable, curated exhibition provides views with an in-depth perspective on the stirring story of the Battle of the Alamo. You’ll come away inspired by the historic battle and beaming with Texas pride .

Battle For Texas is actually located in the Rivercenter shopping area and is literally across the way from The Alamo. We opted to upgrade and take the immersive tour which allowed us to get a portable device and headphones that told stories and facts about each item we saw and events as they happened. This experience was complete with immersive reenactments on the device-pretty cool!

Now we went in the dead of summer so I must admit this was a nice little air conditioned break! Oh and check this out (I’m a history geek) when Santa Anna raised the red flag symbolizing that they would be taking no prisoners-death to all….do you know what Travis did? Shot this cannon ball at him! THIS IS THAT CANNON BALL-SO COOL!

This one right here…

They also had all of Santa Anna’s belongings once they took after the defeat-Remember the Alamo!

It was very surreal as a Texan to stand and see this….

Check out Sam Houston’s boots! How cool is this!

Oh and the oldest Texas flag-known-hand made and awesome. See because Texas was it’s own country! The stars at night are big and bright….This museum was so much fun. The kiddos got paper coon skin hats to wear and we loved seeing all the artifacts. There was also a section which made you feel like you were actually in The Alamo during the siege-hits home. If you’re planning a trip to San Antonio add this one to your list!

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