San Antonio, Texas

The first thing I do when we travel anywhere is find some super cool/super cute places to eat. I like to have options! I jot down a couple of places to go in each city and then I’m never left hanging. I’m always able to find a new and different place and we don’t just have to settle for some McDonald’s.

Lulu’s Bakery and Café is an adorable little diner on your way into San Antonio. Lulu’s is famous for its 3 pound cinnamon roll-you read that right. Remember I do all the things! It’s important to realize when parking at Lulu’s that parking is very limited and a little shady so definitely drive or wait in the parking lot until you get a good spot.


You seat yourselves and Row and I decided to go straight for the counter, complete with swivel chairs

Waiting in our swivel chairs

I recommend ordering the cinnamon roll first! It’s actually amazing. Like really amazing. We only ate a tiny bit so we could have a good old Texas lunch but it was so good.

It was bigger than our heads!

Lulu’s chicken fried steak is the thing to get and if you’re there with someone else I would split the small one so you don’t overeat. Now listen I am a Texan and we take pride in our chicken fried and I can honestly say this was awesome!

It’s all about the chicken fried steak.

You can stop on your way out of town and snag a cinnamon roll to take home-which I wanted to do but….one is enough. Don’t forget to take a cute picture on your way out. I definitely recommend this adorable diner as a stop on your visit to San Antonio. Lulu’s is kid friendly, has great food but don’t go there if you’re on a diet-and who in their right mind is one a diet on vacay!

We barely put a dent in it.

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