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The Best Way to Navigate Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is the most Disney place at Disney! It’s where families and friends gather to feel all the magic and spend the bulk of their time when visiting the Disney World resort. I recommend breaking the park up into two days so you have the opportunity to see and experience as much of the park while traveling. Let’s take a look at how the park is laid out.

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The Lantern Resort

The Lantern Resort is the perfect place to stay if you’re visiting Santa’s Village. It’s literally down the street! Families have several options when staying at the resort. You can choose to either stay at the motel, camp with your RV or camp with a pop up tent. We opted to stay in the motel. Our room was the perfect size for an overnight trip.

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Bricks Restaurant

LEGOLAND,Florida Looking for onsite dining that will make the whole family happy? Bricks Restaurant is located downstairs in the lobby at the LEGOLAND Hotel in Florida. Bricks is a buffet style restaurant so there’s certainly something for everyone. Bricks does not accept reservations so dining is on a first come first serve basis. Breakfast is …