Looking for onsite dining that will make the whole family happy? Bricks Restaurant is located downstairs in the lobby at the LEGOLAND Hotel in Florida.

Bricks is a buffet style restaurant so there’s certainly something for everyone. Bricks does not accept reservations so dining is on a first come first serve basis. Breakfast is served as well as dinner starting at 5.

You’ll find typical buffet options such as…

Main dishes-beef, chicken and fish options.

Kid friendly options such as chicken tenders, mac and cheese, corn dogs and french fries.

Charcuterie and fruit…

A variety of beverage options…

And plenty of breads, pastries, desserts and ice cream cups.

And since it’s an all you can eat buffet there’s so much you can choose from!

Bricks is a great option for even your pickiest eaters. It’s especially nice if staying onsite at the LEGOLAND or Shipwreck Hotel. It is theme park pricing so make sure you plan your budget accordingly.

Need help planning your trip to LEGOLAND Florida? You can find me on Facebook at Callie at Wanderkeep Travel or you can email me at and as always my services are complimentary when you book through ME!

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I'm Callie, a wanderer and travel planner who enjoys all things Disney, taking the winding road, soaking in the sun, seeing the Fall leaves and planning! I believe in taking the trip, setting the goal and making memories. Come with me as we do all the things in all the places.

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