Houston, Texas

We love a great adventure and have been meaning to look some around our own neck of the woods. One of our friends posted on social media about visiting the local Fire Museum which got me thinking…..We spend so much time looking for adventures in other place why not look close by!

The Houston Fire Museum is located in downtown Houston and has parking available during the weekdays from 10-4 right in front of the converted Station 7.

The museum is small and lovely and they have truly tried to preserve the building and history which of course this history geek loves. Fees are $5 for adults and $2 for kiddos.We started off by seeing antique fire engines.

We were able to go upstairs and see the sleeping area, original slide pole, bathroom and shower area-which was actually really cool!

The dispatchers room.

They even had an amazing little kids area where you can dress up like a firefighter, drive a fire engine and push all the buttons, slide down the pole, and connect hoses.

We especially loved seeing all the fire stations in Houston-some of which were just simply converted houses when they opened. Oh and we got to see my Great Grandfather’s station 9-he was the fire chief!

The Houston Fire Museum is a quick and inexpensive lovely place! Take a day and go an visit and have lunch downtown!

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