Waco, Texas

I’m slowly becoming a National Park/National Monument geek. I have always been a history geek and now having Row I have just begun really wanting to see this great place where we live. So many amazing things have happened!

Waco Mammoth National Monument is an ongoing live mammoth dig in Waco, Texas.

This is the perfect trip to add if visiting Magnolia Market-like I did! Why-it’s just down the road!

The park hosts the only known Mammoth nursery herd to be preserved. Once you arrive at the park tickets can be purchased inside the gift shop for a nominal fee. You get a guided tour by one of the parks resident paleontologists. The tour is roughly an hour and takes you through the initial discovery of the mammoths by two young boys hiking in the woods to current discoveries being made today. Bring your bug spray because it’s in the woods and sunscreen because it’s Texas. You’re welcome to bring a drink but be prepared to leave it outside the building before going in.

Inside the live dig you will see actual mammoth bones still in the ground. This site is still being discovered and with each small dig more and more bones are found throughout the park. The guides will show you and tell you all about everything still in the ground.

Did you know camels lived in Waco??? They did. Oh and you may even see a Saber Tooth Kitten tooth. Great for families! The park guides happily answered tons of kid questions. If you’re going to Waco you should definitely add this one to your list! It’s a quick stop by visit but definitely so cool to see.

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