SugarLand, Texas

Ahhh summer and it already feels like it’s 100 outside-yikes. I keep putting jeans on to go outside like I have forgotten we live at the threshold of Hades temperature wise! We have found the cutest little place over in Sugar Land to beat the heat and help Mama keep sane. Majest Kids!

Majest Kids is located in Sugar Land, Texas and it’s right off the freeway so super easy to find. This place is just for littles so 5 and under only. This is great for us because sometimes big kids being everywhere, especially in the summer can be overwhelming for littles uhem and me.

You simply sign in, sign a waiver-they actually will archive your waiver so you only need to fill it out once. You pay your fee-for the littles only, they mark both parent and child with ultraviolet stamps and you’re in. You can actually stay all day!

There are many different play areas and the best part is there are chairs, benches, and couches everywhere for caregivers to sit and watch. There’s a cute mini pillow jumper for kids to bounce on and a section of mega foam blocks for building. Row stayed there for quite awhile.

A padded enclosed play area with slides and a video game projected on the floor.

A wooden play area with slides and door and you name it.

My fav part was the jump pit filled with Styrofoam squares but mini sized.

There are bathrooms on site, nice, clean bathrooms. They also have a dimmed room with changing tables for the littlest guests. I also saw two party rooms. They also sell diapers and wipes! SMART! Oh and socks since you have to take your shoes off-so bring a pair for littles and grownups.

They also have a complete mini cafe with healthy options and fun options and we had a pizza made to order-sadly no Dr. Pepper-wah wah.

It was so fun and I love that you can stay all day and have lunch if you want. Great for play dates and it wasn’t overcrowded at all! Happy air conditioning.

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