Charlottesville, Virgnia

Monticello is located in the hills of Virginia in Charlottesville. Virginia is rich with colonial history and Monticello is not to be missed on your journey to this rich historical area.

Upon arriving you’ll find plenty of free parking and a welcoming visitor center. You can purchase your tickets upon your arrival or in advance. Entry into the house is timed but you can explore the grounds which are vast while waiting and there are plenty of things to see and do.

The visitor centers hosts the ticket center, shops, café and a small museum.

At the top of the main stairs or by using the elevator inside the mini museum you can access the shuttles which will take you throughout the grounds including Monticello and the burial grounds. Shuttles run every 15 minutes. You can also access the area through trails.

At the top of the hill you’ll see the beautiful Monticello.

We had a bit of time before our house tour so we walked around the back of the house and explored in the garden. You can opt for a self guided tour through the house or a guided tour when purchasing your tickets.

Monticello hosts many tour opportunities or talks outside of the house as well. You can learn about the flowers on the grounds, the impact of slavery at Monticello and even catch Thomas Jefferson giving talks around the grounds.

There are opportunities to explore on your own, see the work areas where slaves did daily tasks, visit the vegetable garden and even take time to do some colonial writing.

When it’s your turn to tour the house you’ll meet on the benches in front of the house and be escorted into Monticello. You’ll have the opportunity to view the ground floor of Jefferson’s home and see many of his personal belongings….

such as the library…

the sleeping area….

the parlor and eating area.

Monticello has been named an UNESCO World Heritage Site. What’s an UNESCO site? UNESCO is the United Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization comprised of international members who designate structures and sites throughout the world that offer significance to future generations. Monticello provides insight into the architecture and teachings during the colonial times in America. I highly recommend adding Monticello to your Virginia trip, it’s worth the stop.

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