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So you’ve booked your trip to Universal Studios Orlando or better yet you’ve had your travel advisor-ME book it for you. Now what? There are a couple of things unique to Universal Orlando that you’ll need to know prior to your visit that will help make your visit more seemless….so let’s go!

Download the Universal App!-

The app will allow you to navigate the parks and mobile order once you’re in the parks. Make sure you download the app prior to your trip and familiarize yourself with it prior to your trip.

Bring your paper reservation!

If you’re staying onsite OR if you have tickets only you’ll receive an email with a confirmation of your receipt. Once you arrive at the park you will then go with your paper reservation to the guest relations desk OR the kiosks with your picture ID to receive you card copy. Oh and don’t forget when you book with a certified Universal travel agent for daily tickets or stay onsite you get in to Islands of Adventure’s Harry Potter World an hour before the regular parks open.

Guest services…

Self serve ticket pick up kiosks…

Your tickets will also be able to be loaded onto your app at that time….

You’ll then be able to enter with your tickets, you may be asked for your ID and your fingerprint.

Test Seats-

Test seats are especially important at Universal! So many rides at Universal have rides that have unique seating including roller coasters and 3D thrill rides. Each ride has a different type of seating structure. You will notice a seating test seat outside the ride que. If you are tall-5’10” or taller and/or 200 pounds or more I recommend trying the test seat before getting in the ride line for every single line. There is no need waiting in a line that you will not be able to ultimately ride. The bar must come down in the test seat and the light must turn green in order for you to ride.

Ride Lockers-

Universal requires guests to use ride lockers for almost all rides. The ride lockers are free to use while you’re riding. You’ll need to store-backpacks, fanny packs, store bags, etc. but don’t store your Universal tickets since you’ll need that to unlock your locker door. Ride lockers are at the entry of every ride that require you to use them. You will scan your ticket at the kiosk, you will be assigned a locker and it will automatically open, make sure you remember your number! (I always take a picture on my phone), store your items, ride, scan your ticket to unlock and retrieve your belongings.

Rider Swap/Child Wait Areas-

If you have a child in your party that doesn’t want to ride the ride OR you need to rider swap simply wait in line and let a Universal member know once you get to the ride. You can then wait in the waiting area. Once your party rides you can switch places without waiting in line again. This is available on all rides.

Mobile Ordering-

Mobile ordering is available at a variety of the quick serve dining locations and will save you precious time while in the parks. Simply open up your app and search the dining location, order, show a Universal member at check out and boom it’s that simple.

Attractions Assistance Pass-

Formally known as the Disability Pass….

Universal Orlando has developed an Attractions Assistance Pass for Guests whose disability prevent them from waiting in a conventional attraction queue environment. Guests requesting an attraction queue accommodation must obtain the IBCCES Individual Accessibility Card (IAC) by registering at www.accessibilitycard.org prior to their visit to the park. The IAC registration consists of an online application which includes uploading necessary documentation.

Once all requirements for IBCCES Individual Accessibility Card are met, a Universal Orlando Team Member will contact the cardholder to discuss their request for an attraction queue accommodation.

Note: Only IBCCES can issue the IBCCES Accessibility Card, and not Universal Orlando.

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