Charlottesville, Virginia

Michie Tavern is located about a half mile down the hill from Jefferson’s Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia. Michie Tavern was established in 1784 as a tavern hosting to travelers and serving spirits. The pub section is the oldest part of the tavern.

The pub includes several sitting areas and access to the original lodging area. It was so fun to see all the things that make Michie’s special such as the candle cabinet.

The Ordinary section is where lunch is served daily. The Tavern is open with a traditional colonial times buffet from 11:30-3:00 so make sure you plan accordingly. We decided to pop into the Tavern before we headed over to Monticello and I was glad we did. Since the Tavern has limited hours and Monticello has so much to see we had enough time to eat, explore and not rush.

Upon entering we were ushered into the buffet area by period dressed servers.

You’ll find friend and roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, pinto beans and boiled beets oh and don’t forget the steamed tomatoes. There is also dessert available for an additional charge. It was also fun to have metal plates and cups.

You’ll grab your plate and choose a seat. There are plenty of rooms and tables available.

Michie Tavern is a Virginia historical landmark and is filled with history and fun. It’s the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat, especially when visiting Monticello and it gives you all those colonial feels.

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  1. Virginia is one of my favorite states to travel to and Michie’s sounds so incredible. It is added to my travel bucket list. Thanks for sharing!

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