Boston, Massachusetts

The Old North Church is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The Old North Church is a historic site and is also an operating Episcopal Church. The Old North Church is a historical gem and should be on everyone’s list of places to see while visiting Boston, Massachusetts. A visit evokes a feeling of patriotism and whisks you back to the colonial days in which our country was founded.

The Old North Church is the historical site of the famous one if by land and two if by sea lantern signal to Paul Revere that the British were coming. Captain John Pulling Jr. climbed up the steeple of this very church and held the two lanterns signaling and starting Paul Revere’s famous ride.

The church houses historical private family pews and poverty open pews for those who could not afford a private area. Private pews even had a small fireplace inside for keeping patrons warm during the winter months. Admission allows you to enter the church, look around and hear a historical lecture.

The church is simple but beautiful and it was amazing to be seated in this historical place that literally helped create the country.

The Old North church is the oldest standing church in Boston and was built in 1723. Visitors are welcome Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm. Admission costs $5 and includes a self-guided tour through the church, with staff available to answer questions. Our staff member happily told us stories while we sat in pews. Once done we were permitted to walk throughout the church. The Old North church is also part of the Freedom Trail and hosts events throughout the year.

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