I’m a traveler-I wasn’t always one. I use to spend my vacations at home “resting”. It was so much effort and so much money and then something happened….I had a child. It seems almost backwards. I was young and carefree with no obligations and time and I never went anywhere. Fast forward and now I’m looking into the eyes of my child and it’s like it awakened me. Suddenly I wanted her to see and experience everything. I took the plunge and at 5 months old we took her on her first trip. On a plane no less. Yes I was crazy. I realized that I, we could do this.

She’s almost 8 now and we have a map on our wall with push pins of all the places we have been. Our most favorite yearly destination is Disney World. We go lots of places but always find our place back “home” once a year. I began really enjoying family travel. I loved researching and planning and going. I loved the quirky places and the historic hotels. I loved checking things off my list. The birth of our daughter also woke me up and made me realize for the first time that this life was precious and fleeting. What did I want to do and see while I still had the opportunity to do so.

Her first trip at to Disney looking at all the animals at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

So we traveled and travel.

I would come home from these amazing family vacations and my friends would say I want to do that but I have no idea how to do that or where to start or what to do. It’s overwhelming. I get it-I so get it! And that my friends is why I became a travel agent.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park

I can plan those trips and find those places and help make those smiles and magical memories, because I do them. The great part about being a travel agent is that my commission is paid by almost all of the companies and not tacked onto my clients trip price. I liked that and they liked that.

I can book places I have first hand knowledge about because we are travelers.

The Historic Chatanooga Choo Choo Hotel

And then there’s Disney! Disney is a world unto itself full of wonder and magic and Genie+! A travel agent can help you seamlessly navigate those worlds. I can make your car, your stroller, your scooter show up. I can find that amazing snack that no one knows about, because I travel,we travel.

Waiting on that Disney bus…

Travel agents also get information before the general public about deals and promos and are able to offer or change reservations on the spot to reflect those great deals. No waiting on the phone for you. No getting up at the crazy of dawn to reserve something before it’s gone. I handle that.

A travel agent takes care of you before, during and after your trip. You don’t need to wait at guest services for something to clear up. You message your travel agent and have them do it while you’re off on your adventure.

Downtown Breckenridge

Let me help you make magical family memories! Just like mine!

Find me on Facebook at Callie at Wanderkeep Travel or email me at callie@wanderkeep.com.

While Disney is my jam-I don’t just book Disney……I book everything!

Let’s go somewhere!

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I'm Callie, a wanderer and travel planner who enjoys all things Disney, taking the winding road, soaking in the sun, seeing the Fall leaves and planning! I believe in taking the trip, setting the goal and making memories. Come with me as we do all the things in all the places.

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