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Walt Disney World and Disney Land have so many magical and fun adventurous rides that it’s often hard to pick and choose when visiting.

Disney has created a fast pass system which allows guests to get into a faster ride line. Upon entering the line (que) you will notice two entrances. One entrance will read standby and one will read fast pass. If you have signed up for a fast pass you will be ushered into a line where the wait will be 10-15 minutes in general.

Fast pass works differently at Disney World and Disney Land so let’s get a quick crash course in using fast pass at both resorts.

Disney World-

All guests have access to the fast pass system. If you have purchased tickets to one of the four parks you may log into your My Disney Experience app or website and sign up for fast pass ride options at 30 days out from your trip at 7am EST. If you have chosen to stay on property at a Disney resort you will be able to sign up for your fast pass ride options starting at 60 days out from your trip at 7am EST. In order to register for fast pass selections you will need to sign into your My Disney Experience (MDE) account and register your party. Select all members of your travel party that you wish to ride on the fast pass ride with you. You will then be able to select fast pass ride options for the day/days you have purchased park tickets for.

It’s important to remember that you are eligible to pre-reigster for 3 separate fast pass ride selections each day. The first three fast passes need to be all at the same park. The fast pass time range is a one hour time period. For example, if you sign up to ride the Haunted Mansion your fast pass will be valid from 10:00-11:00 so you can return to the ride at anytime during that hour period to ride. When you register for your fast passes you will not be able to book another reservation until 11:00 when your first fast pass ends. Once all the rides selections previously chosen have been used guests are able to sign up for one additional fast pass at a time.

Let’s look at an example:

Peter Pan’s Flight 9:00-10:00

Seven Dwarves Mine Train 10:00-11:00

Little Mermaid 11:00-12:00

Once your party enters the fast pass line for the Little Mermaid you are able to open up your MDE app and register for your next fast pass! This is the key to making the most of your fast passes.

If you are using magic bands your fast passes will be linked and stored right on your bands, if you are using your smartphone they will also be loaded there for use. Simply scan your band or phone once you enter the fast pass line. If you have a card ticket your rides are linked to your ticket and will need to be scanned upon entering the fast pass line. There are cast members at each line who are able to help if needed. After your first three fast passes are used you are free to make fast pass selections-one at a time-at the park you are currently in or another park. You may also change or cancel fast pass selections on your MDE app.

Disney Land-

Disney Land does fast passes a little bit different. Disney Land (we will call it Land from now on) issues paper fast passes. You are able to obtain these paper fast passes outside the selected rides in the park that offer fast pass as an option. I’ll include a link to them here. You may get one fast pass at a time-they last an hour just like World passes for example from 8:00-9:00. Keep your paper fast pass safe because with out it you will have to use the stand by line.

Disney Max Pass is a feature you can purchase before entering the Land or California Adventure park. The cost is currently $20 a day and allows you to select fast passes on your mobile device as opposed to using the paper tickets. You will scan your device before entering the ride line.

If you have a Travel Agent like me, simply message your agent and poof your ride wishes come true. I would love to help you book your vacation along with your fast pass ride selections! You can find me at Callie at Wanderkeep Travel on Facebook or you can email me at callie@wanderkeep.com!

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