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Disney and Family Vacations

What’s a Fast Pass?

Disney has created a fast pass system which allows guests to get into a faster ride line. Upon entering the line (que) you will notice two entrances. One entrance will read standby and one will read fast pass. If you have signed up for a fast pass you will be ushered into a line where the wait will be 10-15 minutes in general.

Disney and Family Vacations

What Rides Should I Fast Pass?

Fast pass is system in place at Walt Disney World (WDW) Resort that allows guests to make reservations for popular rides, shows and character greetings.  One of the most common questions I get asked as a travel agent is what rides should I fast pass? This is a great question because not all rides require or need a fast pass. Since fast pass is a way to utilize your time in the park knowing which rides to fast pass can help you save time and frustration. Want to know and understand fast pass better? Click here to see a more detailed post.