Disney World, Florida

Disney World has its very own extra large gingerbread house and it’s sure to make your holiday season magical! Each year Disney creates a variety of edible decorations to help ring in the holiday season. It’s premier, over the top delight is the ginormous gingerbread house located in the lobby of the Grand Floridan Resort and Spa.

The moment you step into the lobby you can smell the gingerbread and coming around the corner you can see just how glorious and amazing this house is. The Grand Floridian bakers decorate the lobby with this amazing house yearly and announce online when they will start the process each year. You can typically see the gingerbread house from about a week before Thanksgiving through the holiday season. Did you know they start baking 6 months prior to building the house?

Just look how big it is!

Just look at all those details….and all the characters, well those are hand detailed chocolate!

Check out how much it takes to make this big boy!

The back side of the gingerbread house hosts an actual store. That’s right with cast members inside! You can purchase an array of gingerbread goodness.

Add a visit to the Grand Floridian gingerbread house to your holiday Disney list, it’s just a quick monorail ride from Magic Kingdom and grab a gingerbread shingle to take home.

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