North Conway, New Hampshire

Adventure Suites is a resort located in North Conway, New Hampshire. Adventure Suites is a unique resort experience. The resort is located on what is known as “The Strip” in North Conway which is a popular destination for fall foliage and summer adventurers. The resort is close to a wide variety of attractions, shopping and restaurants. From the outside the resort looks like a small town or main street with individual buildings such as a bank, firehouse, etc. and all the “buildings” are connected in the middle by a green Victorian looking house which is actually the lobby.

The lobby itself is over the top themed. We visited in October so of course it had a Halloween theme.

The rooms all have a theme and can accommodate anywhere from 2-20 guests. The majority of the rooms cater to couples but there are also several family suites which is exactly where we stayed. I booked “The Cave” room for our stay and I must say it did not disappoint. Some of the rooms have door facades to the outside, but not all. We lucked out and our cave room was hidden behind the bank building so we had an inside and outside door.

That’s not a bank-it’s a cave!

Upon entering our room we noticed that outside each themed room was a virtual tour screen. It was nice because you could easily walk the halls and get a peek at all the different room themes offered.

Here we go!

Our room was more like a small condo. The first floor included a living room with a working fireplace, television and sleeper sofa. The room was also playing cave noises through its speakers which was fun but you can easily turn off!

The floor downstairs was laid with pebbles and dinosaur murals! We also had a small kitchenette with a fridge and sink and plenty of dishes and silverware. Did I mention we had a hot tub?!!!

There was also a full bathroom downstairs with a crazy large shower. The shower had two shower heads and also a waterfall in it. The water was crazy so I’m glad we didn’t bring our change of clothes in with us because they would have completely gotten wet! There is also a private bathroom complete with one of those smart Japanese toilets.

Checking out the amazing bathroom.

Our bedroom was upstairs and there were several sleeping areas completely themed out as well.

The first is the master room which has a King size bed, television, PlayStation and speakers. The bed was so high I had to jump off the ledge to get on it!

There was a separate cave area called the den which included a small tunnel, seat and secret blacklight cave drawings. This area can also sleep several children.

There was another hidden area with a curtain that could sleep several children also! This area had a skylight, peekaboo windows, television, fans and lights. The sleeping areas separate from the bed were not very cushy so if your child prefers I would definitely recommend bring a sleeping bag.

Our daughter spent literally all of her time up in that spare room playing and watching kids shows. She loved it and playing peek a boo to check in on us.

The resort has a restaurant on site and free delivery to your room. You can simply call into the front desk and they’ll bring it right to you or you can go and eat at The Saloon if you prefer. You can also order breakfast ahead of time and schedule what time you’d like it delivered the night before which was so convenient. I especially appreciated this because North Conway is very popular and restaurants tend to have a long wait to be seated so it was nice not to have to go out that evening.

The Saloon

The resort also has a ton of movies you can borrow in the lobby.

Adventure Suites was definitely fun! You can even book an entire simulated haunted mansion! The suites tend to be a little on the pricey side so most travelers book one night there while visiting North Conway. It was definitely fun and a great way to end our trip!

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