North Conway, New Hampshire

The Conway Scenic Railroad is a fun old timey railroad experience located in North Conway, New Hampshire. The rail station is right in the center of town and located just off “The Strip” or main road running through North Conway across from the public park.

The Historic Rail Station.

There is parking on the main street area, around the park and also behind the rail station but is very limited. Once you park you can walk on in to the historic 1874 rail station which is also a little mini museum and store. You’ll pick up your tickets from the window.

Once you have your tickets you can head on over to the waiting area outside the rail station. You’ll want to make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before departure!

And then it’s time to board! You have several different options for train cars. You can choose value or first class. You can also spring for the super first class which is called Gertrude Emma. The seating in each car varies from more to less crowded and more space. We sprang for the Gertrude Emma and had nice large wicker outward facing chairs with large windows that opened. I recommend sitting on the left hand side once you enter the rail car for optimum viewing.

Here we go…

The rail cars were beautiful…

We are ready!

Once everyone is loaded you’ll be on your way! It was especially nice to go during fall foliage. There’s also a narrator in each car telling you about area history during your ride.

The scenic railway runs several different rail excursions. The Conway Valley Train which is about an hour trip and runs about 11 miles back and forth and is ideal for people traveling with young children. The Mountaineer which is a 5 hour trip on the 1950’s streamlined passenger rail car. The Bartlett-Sawyer Excursion which is about 2 hours. I highly suggest booking tickets several weeks in advance to make sure you get the date, time and rail car you’d like!

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