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I’m not going to lie. I have a slight obsession with the perfect Christmas tree. I also have to have it the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving. When we lived in Massachusetts we would shlep on out into the woods just like Christmas Vacation and cut down our own tree. Mind you it was on a tree farm…but that’s what you did. People in New England, for the most part cut down their own trees. It was an amazing experience and freezing. Now down here in the South where it rarely snows most people run on over to your grocery or hardware store and by a pre cut tree…or just the pre-lit fake one. Not us.

I finally found a Christmas tree farm! I was so excited. Last year Row was a bit small to enjoy the festivities so we indeed went to the hardware store. The amazingness of our faces was captured in a photo memory of which I have made into a coffee cup for hubs. This year it was Dewberry Farms. It’s only about 15 minutes west of Katy. It was like another world.

Pictures with toddlers-always fun!

They had an amazing area for toddlers to play and bigger kids too. Usually you have to pay an admission fee during the year but for Christmas they waive the fee since most things are not open. They have additional play areas that you can buy tokens for. There’s a free hayride out to the actual Christmas tree area but we opted to pay a fee for the train ride.


Row loves train rides as you can see in our previous post. She loved it so! You get a round trip ride too. The train takes you quite a ways out to the trees. They drop you off and then you can frolic through the trees to find your very own. There are lots of employees walking around to help. You can decide to cut your own or have help. They also have each one tagged with height-super important and price. It was more expensive than the hardware store but the trees are much nicer.

We opted for the hybrid tree. Get this-it’s grown for 7 years and is pollen free. They also shape them as they grow.

She’s a beaut!

Oh and hubs-he cut it down!

Don’t forget to stop by the play area once you’re done cutting your tree down!

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