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Houston Museum of Natural Science

I have to start off by saying when we set out on this fun playdate I completely went to the wrong museum. I ended up driving to the children’s museum, getting out, going in and waiting by all the toys for our friends to show up. I was winning. I was on time, no tantrums and then crickets. Turns out I was at the wrong museum. She had three and I have one so I had to be the one to try and pry those toys away and leave. I didn’t blame her for the tantrum. It was my fault. Honestly I was amazed we even got out of there. Why did I go to the wrong museum because this little gem in Sugar Land is easily looked over!

US Travel

Ma Jest Kids Playland

Ahhh summer and it already feels like it’s 100 outside-yikes. I keep putting jeans on to go outside like I have forgotten we live at the threshold of Hades temperature wise! We have found the cutest little place over in Sugar Land to beat the heat and help Mama keep sane. Majest Kids!