SugarLand, Texas

I have to start off by saying when we set out on this fun playdate I completely went to the wrong museum. I ended up driving to the children’s museum, getting out, going in and waiting by all the toys for our friends to show up. I was winning. I was on time, no tantrums and then crickets. Turns out I was at the wrong museum. She had three and I have one so I had to be the one to try and pry those toys away and leave. I didn’t blame her for the tantrum. It was my fault. Honestly I was amazed we even got out of there. Why did I go to the wrong museum because this little gem in Sugar Land is easily looked over!

I got lost trying to find it and went in circles. We finally made it and honestly we had a blast. Only about twenty minutes from Katy, small and not crowded at all. The kids were able to easily walk around and explore on their own with us close behind. Honestly they just had a million times more freedom.

We stopped by the fish tanks and the dinosaurs! We went through the glowing rocks and up the elevator-where everyone got to push those buttons at least once. We made our way to special event number one-brick party. The entire room had different kinds of building toys at every table-and we were the only ones there! This was perfect for my engineer girl and there were benches for us moms to chat it up while they played.

After the brick party we walked through interactive displays and another dinosaur area!

They loved it so much they were a blur…

We finally made our way down to special event number two a dinosaur dig. It was awesome. The kiddos could go in and excavate with shovels, pails and brushes.

The Museum of Natural History in Sugar Land is a smaller extension of the Houston museum by the same name. The building is a converted jail house with tons of history. It’s mellow and fun and plenty to do not far from home. How did we not know about this earlier!

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