Houston, Texas

Along with all the hustle and bustle we managed a trip to our Houston Zoo for their amazing Zoo Lights. Zoo Lights is an event put on at night by the Houston Zoo. The zoo closes at 5, the animals go to sleep and are for the most part put up in their safe areas and the zoo is lit up!

Although this is a Christmasish event it runs from November all the way through January 4th so you can still sneak it into your schedule.

We went last year Grandma, Row and I and we loved it! The zoo opens at 6 for the event. I buy my tickets online because it’s easy and costs a little less. Also if you’re a zoo member you get a couple of dollars off.

This year was even better than the last. Also Row was able to stay longer this time oh and the hubs came too. There were several areas right when you walked in that were lit up. The main walkway where the fountains are had lights timed with music and a live band that played.

Me and My Flamingos…

My favorite part is the walk through event. It’s housed in the zoos special events area. The same one where we saw the ginormous bugs this summer. It was magical.

They had a small village with Thomas the Train running through. They had cotton candy-I suggest sticking with the pink kind because apparently the green kind is lime. Lime cotton candy is just wrong-ask the hubs. They were also selling hot chocolate-which you could totally bring on your own. Oh and beware the glow in the dark toys. Of course Grandma bought one for Row but you could just bring some glow sticks from the dollar store. I’m seriously considering just leaving some in the glove box.

This is a definitely fun Christmas event to get you in the spirit of the season.

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