Houston, Texas

It’s that time of year…you know when you’re driving down the road and traffic’s just a going slow because there’s a Chuck Wagon full of actual chuck wagons being pulled by horses, led by Cowfolk, and the bluebonnets pop up and the boots come out. It’s a Texas tradition time and Rodeo Houston is just that! We literally go to Rodeo every year-yes Houston has that world famous, most amazing rodeo and it’s not just for those late concert going people who two step. It’s for the littles too.

Houston Rodeo has a livestock show as well-what’s that you ask? It’s where all our local FFA students who have advanced through competition come and show their livestock and sell them to community members who usually donate the animals back to the students along with some money for college. It where folks from all over can come and learn about livestock and the different types of animals raised in Texas.

Houston Livestock show and rodeo is the place to come dressed in your best cowgirl wear and support local vendors by buying your little an authentic but has to be pink cowgirl hat.

It’s where you get to see real live Longhorns up close and in a most friendly kind of way.

It’s where you get to collect cards with animals on them-every child’s dream!

It’s where you can walk around and find an amazing carnival full of fun filled rides-except it was mighty windy that day and our cowgirl hat blew off and our littlest Texan wasn’t having any of that.

It’s where you can try your luck at fun carnival games and win not one but four new stuffed animals just by fishing without bait.

It’s where you can eat cookie dough, and cotton candy and sausage and BBQ all in one place.

You can literally spend a whole day at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo-playing games, learning new things, planting, petting animals, seeing local high school art exhibits. If you get tired of the exhibit hall you can head outside where there’s a full fledged carnival with games, rides and food all in the shadow of our beloved Astrodome.

Houston is an amazing cultural city and the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo is a Texas tradition for young and old. Yeehaw. Add this one to your bucket list!

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