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Oga’s Cantina

The moment you walk into this out of world cantina you’ll find unique drinks and snacks! Oga’s Cantina is a local watering hole located in the Star Wars Land section of Hollywood Studios. Reservations are needed. Once you arrive check in at the front door and wait to be called. There are a couple of seating options but since this is a watering hole so it’s mainly standing tables and bars only.

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Grand Floridian’s Gingerbread House

Disney World has its very own extra large gingerbread house and it’s sure to make your holiday season magical! Each year Disney creates a variety of edible decorations to help ring in the holiday season. It’s premier, over the top delight is the ginormous gingerbread house located in the lobby of the Grand Floridan resort and Spa.

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Magic Kingdom Treats and Seat Dessert Party

What exactly is a dessert party? Disney dessert parties offer guests the opportunity to grab treats and enjoy a wide variety of nighttime shows at each park in a reserved, less crowded setting. Dessert party offerings differ from park to park and also depending on what time of year you’re visiting. Dessert parties are an additional add on and are not included in the price of day tickets. The parties can be booked through your trusty travel planner-ME. So make sure you ask them about all your dessert party options.

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Restaurantosaurus Burgers & Sundaes

Restaurantosaurus Burgers & SundaesĀ is a quick serve dining location in the Animal Kingdom park at Disney World, Florida. Restaurantosaurus Burgers & SundaesĀ is a special dining experience located at Restaurantosaurus in the Dino Land section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. The regular dining location is open for lunch and dinner daily with mobile ordering and in person ordering as well.