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Oga’s Cantina is located in the Hollywood Studios Park of Walt Disney World.

The moment you walk into this out of world cantina you’ll find unique drinks and snacks! Oga’s Cantina is a local watering hole located in the Star Wars Land section of Hollywood Studios. Reservations are needed. Once you arrive check in at the front door and wait to be called. There are a couple of seating options but since this is a watering hole so it’s mainly standing tables and bars only.

You’ll find bounty hunters, smugglers and travelers of all sorts at this cantina.

There is a menu full of fun drinking options-both adult and kid friendly.

Like the Fuzzy Tauntaun-adults only and that foam makes your lips tingle!

The kid friendly Jabba Juice

You can also find a couple of snacks. Like the Oga’s Obsession-kind of like jello with popping bobba’s and cotton candy!

Don’t forget to stop by DJ R-3X’s booth and listen to him spin.

There is a maximum of 2 drinks per guests and you will be required to show ID if ordering an alcoholic drink. Since space is very limited your reservation is for a maximum of 45 minutes. Oga’s Cantina definitely adds to the immersive vibe of Star Wars Land which makes it a fan favorite.

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