Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles was originally a hunting lodge in the quaint town of Versailles about 45 minutes outside if the city of Paris used by the kings of France. It’s most famous residents were King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette before the Revolution and their unfortunate end. The Palace itself was actually sadly in ruin and many of the magnificent belongings in ruin until John D. Rockefeller Jr visited on a family trip and visited…seeing the palace in disrepair he wrote a letter to France and sent a request for fund the rebuilding and restoration. Rockefeller essentially jump started the saving of this international historical gem and paid for the facades, roofs, gardens and gave millions to save it!

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Hebert’s Candy Mansion

Hebert’s Candy Mansion is located in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts which is about an hour west of Boston. Hebert’s cany originally had a slew of candy mansions in New England. The one located In Shrewsbury is called Hillswold and it’s the original one!