Hotel le Mouton Blanc

The best way to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mont Saint Michel is to stay overnight in one of the historic lodges on the island itself. By doing so, you’ll have the unique opportunity to see the island without tourists and explore the cobblestone walkways while they’re virtually empty at night! It makes an already magical visit even more magical. Come explore the whimsical hotel that is Hotel le Mouton Blanc.


Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel or The Mont as natives call it is located in the Normandy region of France. This magical abbey is located on an island and is an UNESCO world heritage site. I was 16 when I saw a glimpse of this beauty in my French class and it was then and there I decided that one day I would travel to France and while most girls dream of Paris it was The Mont I dreamed of.


Le Clos d’Amboise

Within the city of Amboise lies the adorable boutique hotel of Le Clos d’Amboise…..you’ll be welcomed into the 17th century home that has been converted into a hotel in the heart of the city within walking distant of the city center and market districts which is simply perfect for any guests of all ages.


Chateau Chambord

Castle Chambord was originally built in 1519 under Francois the 1st as a hunting retreat and grew during the reign of many of the ruling Louis’s of the day. It’s a true wonder to see. You can find this gem in the Loire Valley of France among the many chateaus scattered throughout the region. Chateau Chambord is by far the best of the chateaus is the area and should be top of your list when picking which ones to see!

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Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa

The Grand Californian is nestled in the heart of Disneyland with craftsman architecture, attention to detail at every turn, impeccable Disney service an on site spa and it’s very own entrance to California Adventure. It’s my number one choice and personal recommendation as a travel advisor for staying onsite when visiting Disneyland and one step inside and you can see why.