Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Did you know there’s a Grand Canyon at Yellowstone National Park? There is!!! It may not be as grand as the Grand Canyon but it certainly is grand in it’s own right! Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is top of the list of things to see for many people while visiting the park. The canyon itself is about 20 miles long and ranges from 800-1200 feet deep. The Yellowstone River flows into the canyon creating the most amazing waterfall.

The rocks themselves hold a variety of different hues created by the absence or presence of water during formation.

The grand canyon has a variety of different viewing areas and is easily accessible for people of all mobility levels. There is plenty of parking and each parking area has a different viewing area.

There is also a walkway down to get a closer look. It’s not all the way down but pretty far.

There are also plenty of hikes at the Grand Canyon! The Grand Canyon is located in the popular Canyon Village area of Yellowstone so you can plan on visiting the canyon and then heading over to the village to grab lunch, shop and explore.

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