Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Roosevelt Lodge and Cabins were built in the 1920’s in the Tower Falls section of Yellowstone National Park. Roosevelt lodge is built near a campsite that President Roosevelt used, hence the name.

The lodge is a favorite for it’s rustic cabins and family style dining available in the log cabin meeting house. The meeting/check in cabin is lined with rocking chairs welcoming visitors.

The check in lodge.

The Roughrider cabins are small and rustic and most host a wood burning stove and sinks but have a shared community bathroom. The Frontier cabins are a bit bigger and include a shower and bathroom. What you won’t find are televisions, radios or air conditioning which is true of all the hotels and lodges through out Yellowstone National Park. You will have a fan-phew! There’s also plenty of parking.

Roosevelt Lodge also houses the Roosevelt Corrals which hosts horseback rides, guided horseback tours, stagecoach and cookout rides-which of course we did! Details about that in another post!

Roosevelt Lodge and Cabins is a unique experience for those who are looking to have a fun, rustic, western good time.

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