Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

So I have this thing about travel…I like to do all the things but not be rushed or overwhelmed. I’m a natural planner and so I hem and haw and research and make a list (which is of course why I became a travel planner) and then I book it. I make sure each person traveling with me has one special thing on our trip that is just for them, but that I know we will all enjoy and everything else, well those things are the “icing”. On our recent trip to Yellowstone riding in the historical antique wooden bus, it was my thing. Back in the 1920’s there were over 400 of these beauties and they shuttled people all over Yellowstone.

Now there are only 8 left. They were originally sold off and Yellowstone bought what they could back and began restoring them. The majority of the buses are wooden with metal rimming. The top pops off and there are 3 bus seats. Bookings for tours on the buses is extremely limited so I recommend booking a year in advance-which is true of all things National Parks, if you want to get exactly what you want. We signed up for the Geyser Gazer tour which is about an hour and a half-perfect for children, not too long. Our guide picked us up at Old Faithful Snow Lodge and we were off!

Our tour guide chose what geysers we would gaze based upon the happenings around the Old Faithful area that day which was nice because it was flexible! She was extremely knowledgeable and it was fun to get to learn some interesting facts about all the thermal features. It was also nice not to be driving for once!

Check out that blue!

Our tour guide told us to make sure we waved at everyone we passed because we were riding in the one thing everyone wanted to ride in Yellowstone…and it was true! People were constantly coming up during the tour to ask questions and take pictures because well… I mean it’s so cool!

We even got a photo shoot at the end! Overall it was well worth the time and money. I highly recommend booking a tour on your trip too!

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