Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Mammoth Hot Springs is a thermal feature at Yellowstone National Park and is located close to the north entrance of the park. Mammoth is only minutes away from the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and Terrace Grill.

Mammoth has two terrace boardwalks and roughly 50 hot springs lie within the area. There is plenty of parking at either the bottom or top of Mammoth but you may have to do a couple of loops before a spot opens up. Once parked you’ll find wooden boardwalks to lead you down or up depending upon where you park.

It’s important ton stay hydrated while visiting Yellowstone in order to make sure you don’t get altitude sickness. Make sure you have your hiking hats and sunscreen too because Mammoth is out in the open without any shade. Don’t forget to stay on those boardwalks-I mean you ARE on a volcano!

I personally recommend parking in the top section because you’ll be closer to the main and most prominent rock features.

Once you’re done at Mammoth you can drive just down the road to Terrace Grill at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel area and grab a quick lunch. There’s also a general store, changing room and nice bathrooms. Make sure you pop into all the different general stores because they all have different things!

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