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National Parks

West Yellowstone

West Yellowstone (West) is a small town located in the southern part of Montana and is just outside of Yellowstone National Park. West is a great family friendly area with lots to do. It’s a great place to stay of you want to stay just outside Yellowstone and still easily get into the park daily. West has a main strip with loads of places to eat and so many fun less expensive touristy shops. Our family loved popping by the touristy shops for all the fun things.

National Parks

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Did you know there’s a Grand Canyon at Yellowstone National Park? There is!!! It may not be as grand as the Grand Canyon but it certainly is grand in it’s own right! Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is top of the list of things to see for many people while visiting the park. The canyon itself is about 20 miles long and ranges from 800-1200 feet deep. The Yellowstone River flows into the canyon creating the most amazing waterfall.

US Travel

Great Smoky Mountain Railroad

The highlight our our family trip to Tennessee was actually in North Carolina-crazy right! The Great Smoky Mountain Railroad is a four hour trip in a working steam engine that takes you through the scenic Great Smoky Mountain National Park which runs through North Carolina and Tennessee. I went ahead and checked North Carolina off our fifty nifty family goal as state number 8 for Row-because well we were there for a good day!