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What is Dapper Day?

Dapper Day is a group of people who celebrate the refined styling of yesterdays. This includes men, women and even children who dress in their best from head to toe to celebrate the grandiose fashion of the past. The event celebrates with hairstyles, clothing, accessories-honestly you name it. Dapper Day has been an event since 2011 and while not an official Disney event Dappers love to celebrate at Disney! Dappers have their own website too with news about events and style!

We were so excited when we popped into Magic Kingdom during our April trip and walked in to find a line of Dapper’s waiting to get the castle pictures. They were adorable! Some were dressed as Dapper Disney characters even! We even saw entire Dapper families.

Dapper days are in the Spring and Fall in both Disney World and Disney Land so make sure you check their website for dates. I wish I had known!! I would have completely Dappered us out! Dapper was started by a man who just wanted to dress up and not have everyone stare at him. He appreciated looking his best and vintage fashion. The first year about 100 people showed up to Disney Land and now after 10 years of celebrating it drives more than 35,000 to come out and celebrate just those days!

Look at these cuties!

I could not get over some of the people dressed up! How cute is this couple and they even walked around with balloons for the day!

Disney is full of fun surprises! Add Dapper Day to your Disney bucket list!

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