Disney World, Florida

Disney World has a variety of different magical pictures available from capturing you defeating Zurg…

We defeated him!

To posing with your girl Minnie in front of the castle….

Looking good Minnie

But the newest fun Disney pictures are Zooms! Check out this one at Animal Kingdom! They’re called zooms because they use a special camera that literally zooms out and shows a whole different perspective. The cast member will tell you exactly where to look at it takes about 10 seconds.

Mini us

You can find this zoom at the exit of It’s a Bug Life down the walkway in Animal Kingdom. You can either stop on your way out of It’s a Bug’s Life or walk around to the exit and walk down the walkway. It is quite a ways down so if you don’t see it when peeking at the exit continue to walk down a bit. It’s at the back of the Tree of Life.

There’s also this zoom at Magic Kingdom. Can you find us? So there we are and then if you look in the second picture you can see us in the right corner by the gardens! Super fun! Want to see the picture “in action”? You can find it here. This magic zoomie is on the right side of the castle walking into Tomorrowland right by the gardens. You will see a cast member photographer waiting in that area and simply ask them.

There is a third zoomie at Hollywood Studios in Star Wars Land. It’s right by the millennial falcon ride entrance, up the ramp looking over the ledge. Unfortunately we got rained out that day! We were only two away in line and they closed it due to rain. So make sure you pick a sunny day! These are especially great if you have included the Memory Maker in your Disney World Resort package because they are of course included. You can find out more about the Memory Maker photo pass here.

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