Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone really does have so much to offer and it’s vast. You can spend all your time shuttling from one place to another to try and get all the sites in but there are things that make this trip memorable and should not be missed!

  1. Make sure you stop and take a picture at the entrance sign. We love having these shots and often stop before entering the park to snap them. One, because I don’t want to forget and two, because if the picture comes out poorly I’ll still have time to take another one. The parks often have a stand to place your camera or phone on but we always bring a small tripod.
Why is it I’m the only one ever looking at the camera?

2. Stop by the general stores! They’re all unique and have a different variety of things. If you see something you like-snag it because you probably won’t see it again. We bought all the sweatshirts, hats and even some bison binoculars-so fun!

3. Buy and try some of the local treats! I snagged these and that huckleberry one was awesome! You’ll find huckleberry and moutainberry flavored goodies throughout the park.

4. Let your little on become a Junior Ranger. You can find information about this fun for littles program at most National Parks. You purchase the kit at the various visitor centers and children complete tasks throughout your visit to earn a badge. You can also get cute souvenir shirt like we did.

5. Ride on the driverless shuttle Teddy at Canyon Village area and visitor center.

6. Take a tour. Sign up for one of the tours so you can relax and learn all the things.

7. Stop by the visitor centers and stamp your National Parks book. You can purchase a book at any National Park and each visitor center has a stamp station and stickers to purchase for that location. We bring these with us to every National Park we visit.

8. Make sure you stop by and pop into the historical Old Faithful Inn.

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