Disney World, Florida

Star Wars Land-Galaxies Edge is located inside the Hollywood Studios park at Disney World, Florida. Star Wars Land will fully immerse you into the land of Batuu from the moment you walk through the tunnel with sounds and sights that any Star Wars lover, and even those who aren’t huge fans will thoroughly enjoy. There is literally so much to see and do!

Welcome to Batuu

The most popular and coveted ride in Star Wars Land is the Rise of the Resistance Ride which allows you to become a Rebel fugitive. You are caught and then are able to escape with the help of some droids from the First Order. This ride happens in 3 distinct parts and does have a small drop while moving on trackless cars.

Those darn Storm Troopers…..

Millennium Falcon-Smuggler’s Run is also a thrill attraction located in Star Wars Land. This is your chance to fly and ride in Hans Solo’s favorite piece of junk! You’ll be assigned your cabin duties upon arrival and will need to do your part to fulfill the mission.

She’s our pilot
The detail is beyond amazing.

Characters are walking around throughout the day and you can easily stop and see your favorites on the street of Batuu or from high above.


You can also pop by and grab some blue or green milk!

You can also stop by the marketplace to do some shopping, grab lunch or have a quick snack.

There are also plenty of photo pass stops.

You can build a custom lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop or build your own droid at the Droid Depot-both require previously made reservations. You can also download the Disney Play app so that you can translate, play and hack things throughout Batuu.

Don’t forget about food! You can stop by Oga’s Cantina for a quick galactic drink, Ronto Roaster for wraps, and Docking Bay 7 for a full meal.

Spicy and Fruity

There is of course no shortage of awesome merchandise!

Baby Yoda everything!!!

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