Denver, Colorado

We ended our Colorado trip by rushing to the famous Casa Bonita restaurant in Denver and it was the perfect stop as we drove back into Denver.

Casa Bonita is a family friendly restaurant that offers a Tex Mex menu with kids favorites as well. The outside is beautiful but the inside is crazy! It’s basically a Mexican village complete with twists and turns and lights! There is literally something around every corner and you could easily spend several hours here. We literally had one hour to spare but I was bound and determined to get it in and check it off my Colorado list.

Everyone who comes in must order but the dishes are super affordable and quick. Each meal comes with sopapillas which you can pick up at the sopapilla building or ask your server to grab for you. You order like a fast food joint-line, order-you can special order, grab your tray and walk out to the hostess. They then seat you and your server comes and brings drinks, etc.

There’s a waterfall where they have actual diving throughout the day. You can also buy glow in the dark toys like you would at a parade. There was a man in a gorilla suit running through the restaurant. It was crazy and fun and you know what? The food was not half bad! Row loved it.

They also had little nooks and crannies throughout the restaurant with quarter pony rides for the kiddos and aquariums and so many other things. If you’re in the area stop by and if you’re heading to Denver add it to your must do list!

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