Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Our family trip to Tennessee took us to Nashville, Chattanooga and Pigeon Forge. If you have never been to Pigeon Forge like me then you will be quite overwhelmed with the amount of things there are to do. Pigeon Forge has tons of water parks, mini golf and go carts but I was looking for something different and unique and then walked in the Titanic Museum.

The Titanic Museum literally looks like the actual Titanic with an iceberg hitting the back of the ship and a water feature in front. As we walked up they were playing “My heart will go on”-I couldn’t believe it. Once you enter you receive a passenger name for each guest and follow them along your tour. Children also receive a more child friendly version. You are also asked if you want an audio necklace to take with you throughout the tour to hear interesting stories along the way.

Unfortunately you are not aloud to take pictures inside due to copyright-I was pretty bummed about that because I am a family memory junkie.

The museum is really interesting and for a history geek like me I loved it. Our little was also engaged throughout the museum with interactive things for her to do. They also had period people dressed up and available throughout the museum. I will say that as we walked through the third class area they had a display of a stairwell which flicked and filled with water and it pretty much freaked me out.

The museum was created by the second person to dive for Titanic. Tons of artifacts. There was also a captains wheel you could spin and then you could walk out onto the deck and feel an actual “iceberg” on the side and you could dip your fingers into frigid water-the same degree it was when the ship went down-yikes.

The most amazing part was the exact replica of the grand staircase which we all walked up. They took pictures for sale of your family on the stairwell as well.

The end of the museum had a fun interactive part which was great for kids. The Titanic Museum was definitely a fun attraction for the whole family!

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