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The Beach Club at Bimini

Did you know Virgin Voyages has it’s own private beach in Bimini, Bahamas? If you’re lucky enough to be cruising on the Scarlet Lady out of Miami, Florida you’ll get to stop at the beautiful Beach Club at Bimini! You’ll port at Bimini, pack your bathing suit, sunscreen and your


Dining on the Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages is changing the way we cruise and one major way they’re shaking it up is their dining experiences. You won’t find buffets on Virgin Voyages! Instead you’ll find nine different sit down dining options with a world of different varieties. Let’s take a peek!


Scarlet Lady Shows

Virgin Voyages is not your typical cruise line and while they have things you would normally find on typical cruises they tend to do things a little bit differently. Nighttime shows are a common theme among cruise lines and Scarlet Lady has it’s fair share!

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That Awesome Hotel Inside the Airport at MCO!

We recently went on vacation to Florida to beat those winter blues but on our way back our flight got canceled! Now I’m not going to say I minded one bit being stuck in Florida for an extra night, especially since snow and sleet were waiting for us at home. We needed to stay overnight to make our new morning flight. We were lucky to be in the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and I thought….there’s that awesome airport with balconies in the center of the airport-why not! So Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport it was a man oh man was it ever convenient!