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DISNEY IS CURRENTLY NOT USING VIRTUAL QUE FOR RISE OF THE RESISTANCE SO THIS POST IS CONSIDERED ARCHIVED. This post discusses how to use a virtual que. However, the process for riding Guardians of the Galaxy and Tron is the same.

Rise of the Resistance (Rise) is the most popular ride currently in Star Wars Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Rise is a multi layered attraction that takes you through three separate areas as you attempt to meet up with a rebel base. The theming is beyond amazing and the ride is a trackless dark ride with amazing effects. It’s a must ride for Star Wars fans and honestly non Star Wars fans-because it’s that amazing! As a result, you can imagine everyone wants to ride. Disney currently does not offer Genie + for Rise but instead has an online virtual que that you need to join in order to have a chance at riding.

Check out those storm troopers.

You must join the virtual que through Disney’s My Disney Experience App so first make sure you have downloaded the app to your phone and have a registered My Disney Experience account.

This is what it looks like in the app store.

Again, the virtual que is the ONLY way to ride Rise so let’s find out how to reserve your boarding group!

What’s a boarding group? It refers to everyone throughout the park who is eligible to join the actual line for Rise within the same hour as you. More on that in a bit!

In order to enter the virtual que you will open your My Disney Experience app and scroll down the page. You will come to a post that looks like this…

You are able to join the virtual que at 2 times during the day. Once at 7am and once at 1pm. You can attempt to join the virtual que at 7am from anywhere-including your resort room! The 1pm que can only be joined if physically in the Hollywood Studios park during that time. The steps to join are very similar to adding a Fast Pass. You simply touch the join tab, select the people in your party whom want to ride and then select join que. If you’re successful you will receive a boarding group number.

Boarding groups go in order and although you won’t receive a specific time to return like you would with Fast pass you can roughly guess what time you’ll need to be back at the ride que based on which boarding pass you acquire. You will be able to check back on your boarding group throughout the day to see how the ride line is progressing. Once your boarding group gets called you’ll have roughly an hour to make it back to the Rise ride que.

Morning passes are literally gone in seconds so make sure you’re ready and waiting at 6:58 am! If you don’t get a pass in the morning don’t forget you have a second shot at 1pm so set your alarm!

Boarding the ship to fly to the Rebel base.

Things to remember…

You can only get one boarding pass per day.

If your boarding group time conflicts with your dining reservation check in with a cast member. They are often flexible IF you indeed have a boarding group.

Schedule your Hollywood Studios days during the week as opposed to the weekends. The park will be less crowded giving you a better chance of getting a boarding group.

You will get a push notification from your My Disney Experience app once your boarding group gets called.

May the Force be with YOU!

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