Port Canaveral, Florida

You’ve booked your Disney Cruise….now what?

The day you sail/travel is called embarkation day! Here’s what to expect.

Before Arrival-

It’s a good idea to travel to your port destination a day before your cruise embarks. The cruise will absolutely leave at the scheduled time and if you’re not at port you’re not going. The safest thing to do is fly in a day early. If you’re leaving out of Port Canaveral-the most popular Disney Cruise Line (DCL) port then it’s super easy to just stay at a Disney Resort. There are also several hotels right around the Orlando International Airport and of course in Port Canaveral. I have found that a Disney value resort is often times your least expensive option. You will also need to set up transfer to and from the airport or your resort to the port and back again. DCL does offer a transfer add on option for about $70 per person both ways. You can also use private companies which can often be less-ask your travel agent to set it up (ME).

You will also need to bring your passports and check in arrival forms. You can now check in online at Disney Cruise Lines prior to your trip which will expedite the check in process. A couple of days before your cruise you will receive an email asking you to print your cruise forms. Bring these with you! Make sure you also bring a carry on with anything you might want for the day since your bags will not be immediately in your room. Think swimsuits, medications, etc.

After your initial check in you’ll check in one more time before boarding the ship.

At Arrival-

You will be directed to the port check in building and will go through a security check at this time. No liquids or fruit can be brought on and any snack you plan on bringing must be sealed. Please have your passport ready. Once through security you will proceed to the check in lines-they move fast so don’t be alarmed if it looks long. Once called you will need your online check in form and passport. The cast member will issue you your Key to the World Card-this is your room key, purchase card, etc. and what everyone wears on lanyards-more about that in another post! The cast member will also take a picture of each individual in your travel group to have on file. You will be issued a board time. If it’s your board time simply walk through the embark doors-if not sit in the lounge, look at the ship model or get your picture with a character while you wait.


You will be permitted to board at your board time-many people are allowed to board right after check in! Walk through those magical Mickey ears! You will be asked to scan you Key to the World card before entering. You will also have an opportunity to take a group picture right before you board and then your travel group will be announced as you board that magical ship! You’re welcome to go straight to your room, enjoy the scenery and start having fun!

Need help booking your a magical cruise? I’ll help with everything from beginning to end! You can email me at callie@wanderkeep.com or find me on Facebook at Callie at Wanderkeep as always my services are complimentary when you book through ME!

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