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Did you know that Cirque Du Soleil has it’s own theater right in the middle of Disney Springs at Disney World and you can catch their latest shows while on your next vacation? It’s true!

Cirque’s theater is located on The West Side section of Disney Springs and the theater cannot be missed. It’s a tall white building. You can take Disney resort bussing and then walk down to the theater or take an Uber and be dropped off closer to the theater.

Guests both dress up and wear resort wear to the show but the theater does tend to get a bit chilly so you may want to bring a cardigan or a sweatshirt with you to the show. It’s recommended you buy tickets in advance since Cirque shows are so popular but if you’re traveling during less busy times you’ll often be able to find tickets last minute online, however do not expect them to be discounted.

You need to be at the show no later than 10 minutes prior to the show starting or risk having your tickets sold-and not refunded. They do a pre-show and interactive piece with children from to audience during that time.

They also sell “painted” popcorn in the lobby which is fun! The new show Drawn To Life follows Julie as she discovers her journey through Disney drawings to reconnect with the memory of her father through memories full of mind blowing acrobatics. Photography is not permitted during the show for the safety of the performers but I did catch a snippet of the musicians beforehand!

Tickets start at $85 pre tax and the show runs most Wednesdays-Sundays.

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