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Disneyland Paris is has two separate parks-Parc Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios along with Disney Village where guests can shop and dine. Guests also have the option of staying onsite at a variety of different resorts within walking distance to the parks which make your stay an immersive experience.

It’s easiest to book your trip through your travel agent (me) so they can make your trip seamless. It’s also important to remember that while Disneyland Paris is part of the Disney family they do operate differently from the American Disney parks. If you’re staying on property you will get tickets for your length of stay and will not get an option to select the number of days of tickets you want. For example, if you are staying for 2 nights and 3 days you will receive 3 days of tickets. Keep this in mind for your planning. You can only select the amount of days of tickets if you are staying off property OR buying tickets only. Disneyland Paris also has a skip the line feature but it is much more expensive than Genie + so check your Disneyland Paris app for up to date pricing. You’ll also need to download your Disneyland Paris app for maps. If you are staying on property you will receive cards as your tickets upon check in and must check in to get those tickets, even if you’re checking in early. You can store your bags at your hotel but you must check in to get your tickets. As a hotel guests you also receive extra magic hours.

Once you obtain your tickets you can then enter either park and go back and forth as you choose.

You’ll walk through Disney Village and security….

If you choose to go into Parc Disneyland (their “Magic Kingdom” or Disneyland) you’ll enter through the Disneyland Hotel walkway. The best part are all the magnificent flowers and can I mention…..Paris loves pink! Pink is everywhere!

On site guests are separated from the general public and have their own security entrance at Disney Village which is much less crowded and does not have to deal with the common pick pocket issue and ticket harassment issue of scalping outside the main gates which is nice.

Once inside you’ll hear the familiar sounds of Main Street and see this beauty….

Don’t miss out on the pink Small World!

Oh and the Mickey pizzas too!

There are so many things about Disneyland Paris that will be familiar to you if you have traveled to Disneyland California. It is set up to resemble that park in so many ways. The best way to navigate the parks is to set out and do the unique to Paris things first.

Like the Cheshire Cat Labyrinth…

Grabbing pink treats from the popcorn kiosks.

Make sure you ride the Phantom Manor-their version of the Haunted Mansion but it’s a little bit more scary than the American ones….beware for the little ones!

Taking castle pictures….

Not to mention you can walk through and even explore the castle. There is a dragon below, and a walkthrough above so make sure you leave time to see this special feature.

On the main floor of the castle you can also find Merlin’s shop where guests can pay to make magic glass wands.

In the Main Street Confectionary they have Mickey Macrons!

The covered tea cups are a real treat!

Popping over to Walt Disney Studios! You’ll see their version of the “Earful Tower”, brought a tear to by eye! They host many shows, a small Toy Story Land and Ratatouille. Also a smaller Avengers Campus. We did not spend much time in this park because we did not want to be in shows for a bulk of our limited park time and my gang does not ride thrill rides. They do have an avengers roller coaster which is exactly like the Rocking Roller Coaster and some fun Toy Story rides that my gang passed on that are unique. It’s a smaller park and worth a stop by but the bulk of your time should be spent in Parc Disneyland if you’re on a limited schedule.

You’ll see you’re favorite friends out to take pictures too!

I also have to mention on the side of Main Street they have this amazing covered walkway that runs all the way from the entrance down to the castle and goes into the stores as well. It has benches and seating and I loved it so much!

We of course hopped back for the evening!

And the castle was what…PINK! They host an evening fireworks show but make sure you check your app because sunset can greatly differ based upon what time of year it is in France. We were visiting in the summer and dusk was at 10:45pm! Also quick serve dining locations close early as well.

You’ll find many similarities between Disneyland California and Disneyland Paris and it’s great to have your travel agent make an itinerary for you to make sure you’re able to have a game plan to check off your bucket list while you’re there. Staying on property is very affordable and convenient. The majority of the cast members speak English so it’s very easy for Americans to travel to.

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