Bennington, Vermont

I’m definitely a historic junkie so anytime we travel I try and find at least one historical place to visit. The Bennington Battle Monument is located in Bennington, Vermont and is so easy to get to! The monument was built in 1891 to commemorate the battle in 1777 which is and was considered to be the battle that was the turning point in the Revolutionary War.

It’s so tall!

Upon arriving you’ll come upon a quaint historical home area in Bennington which leads up to the circular area that houses the monument. The monument itself is surrounded by large residential houses so parking is very limited. You can always park down the street and walk up and it is worth having a drive up to see if there is a spot available.

The monument hosts a small gift shop across the street and you’ll need to enter inside and pay a small admission fee to get access to the top viewing area of the monument. It is well worth it. The only access to the viewing area is through an elevator run by volunteers. It’s a bit small but makes the viewing area accessible to all and can easily hold a wheel chair or scooter.

The welcome center where you can purchase your tickets.
We got our sticker tickets! Let’s get up there!

The monument stands in the exact place of the munitions supply during the time of the battle which was the purpose of the battle. The viewing area allows you to see Vermont, New York and Massachusetts. Bring a coat because it can get chilly up there. There are windows but they are often open. The monument is the tallest structure in Vermont and is registered as an historic site.

Oh hey New York

The monument is very family friendly, easy to access and if you have the chance to visit during fall foliage like we did the views are simply breathtaking.

Make sure you check out the statues!

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