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Dapper Day at Disney World

Dapper Day is a group of people who celebrate the refined styling of yesterdays. This includes men, women and even children who dress in their best from head to toe to celebrate the grandiose fashion of the past. The event celebrates with hairstyles, clothing, accessories-honestly you name it. Dapper Day has been an event since 2011 and while not an official Disney event Dappers love to celebrate at Disney! Dappers have their own website too with news about events and style!

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5 Reasons to Stay at a Disney World Resort

You’ve saved your pennies to take your family to the most magical place of all-Disney World! There are so many benefits to choosing a Disney resort to stay at while on your magical trip. I’m always surprised when I talk to friends who are considering taking their families to Disney World who ask what’s the big deal about staying on site. Let me tell you!

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Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel

Anaheim Majestic is an adorable Bavarian themed hotel just down the street from Disneyland. In fact, they are a good neighbor hotel to Disneyland and offer a variety of services for families planning on visiting the parks including a super comfy shuttle bus that runs often and advance tickets sold by Disney in their lobby. You can also get transfers to Universal for a fee.

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Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Our family is a Disney family. We love going, playing and staying. We have been trying to change things up a bit and do something different each time we visit-which honestly isn’t that difficult. Our last stay was at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Caribbean Beach Resort (CBR) is nothing short of magical. Disney does it again by creating a truly Caribbean feel through their magical imagineering. We hopped on board the magical express and were whisked away to CBR. Upon arrival we immediately began to feel that Caribbean feel. The resort is painted in bright colors, plays island music and is surrounded by beaches, a bay area and fun pools.