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Disney and Family Vacations Disney and Family Travel

Disney’s Dining Plan

One of the main questions I get asked about traveling at Disney World is should I get the dining plan? Walt Disney World (WDW) offers several different meal plans to meet a variety of different travelers. WDW has some amazing restaurants not to mention fun character dining so it’s easy to see how dining is such an important part of the WDW experience. Meal plans are offered as part of a WDW package add on to guests staying on property. Meal plans are also for the length of stay so if you’re staying for 5 nights it covers 5 nights-it’s all or nothing. You cannot pick how many days you’d like to do the meal plan, it is simply added to your stay. Let’s take a look at each meal plan, what they offer and the pros and cons of each.

Disney and Family Vacations Disney and Family Travel

How To Use Your Disney Dining Plan

The Disney dining plan is one of the most popular add on features for guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida (WDW). Disney dining can be added to any resort package for the length of stay and comes in four different packages to fit the different needs of families and travelers. Need information on the differences in each package? You can find a more detailed post here.