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That Awesome Hotel Inside the Airport at MCO!

We recently went on vacation to Florida to beat those winter blues but on our way back our flight got canceled! Now I’m not going to say I minded one bit being stuck in Florida for an extra night, especially since snow and sleet were waiting for us at home. We needed to stay overnight to make our new morning flight. We were lucky to be in the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and I thought….there’s that awesome airport with balconies in the center of the airport-why not! So Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport it was a man oh man was it ever convenient!

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Dewberry Farms Christmas Tree Shopping

I finally found a Christmas tree farm! I was so excited. Last year Row was a bit small to enjoy the festivities so we indeed went to the hardware store. The amazingness of our faces was captured in a photo memory of which I have made into a coffee cup for hubs. This year it was Dewberry Farms. It’s only about 15 minutes west of Katy. It was like another world.

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5 Reasons to Stay at a Disney World Resort

You’ve saved your pennies to take your family to the most magical place of all-Disney World! There are so many benefits to choosing a Disney resort to stay at while on your magical trip. I’m always surprised when I talk to friends who are considering taking their families to Disney World who ask what’s the big deal about staying on site. Let me tell you!

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Houston Museum of Natural Science

I have to start off by saying when we set out on this fun playdate I completely went to the wrong museum. I ended up driving to the children’s museum, getting out, going in and waiting by all the toys for our friends to show up. I was winning. I was on time, no tantrums and then crickets. Turns out I was at the wrong museum. She had three and I have one so I had to be the one to try and pry those toys away and leave. I didn’t blame her for the tantrum. It was my fault. Honestly I was amazed we even got out of there. Why did I go to the wrong museum because this little gem in Sugar Land is easily looked over!

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Houston Zoo Lights

Along with all the hustle and bustle we managed a trip to our Houston Zoo for their amazing Zoo Lights. Zoo Lights is an event put on at night by the Houston Zoo. The zoo closes at 5, the animals go to sleep and are for the most part put up in their safe areas and the zoo is lit up!

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Ma Jest Kids Playland

Ahhh summer and it already feels like it’s 100 outside-yikes. I keep putting jeans on to go outside like I have forgotten we live at the threshold of Hades temperature wise! We have found the cutest little place over in Sugar Land to beat the heat and help Mama keep sane. Majest Kids!