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National Parks

Hayden Valley

Hayden Valley is roughly 7 miles wide and 7 miles deep and is centrally located in Yellowstone National Park. It’s easy to map out your visit to both Mud Volcano and Hayden Valley on the same trip to optimize your time in the park. Yellowstone is so large and has so many different features that it can be overwhelming to navigate but you can see more in a relaxed, non rushed way by planning ahead-or of course with the help of your trusty travel planner-ME. You’ll find multiple pullouts while visiting the valley which will make stopping and seeing everything super easy. Make sure you have your scope and/or binoculars ready because Hayden Valley is a hot spot for wildlife. You may find bison, bears, elk and water foul.

National Parks

Lewis Falls

Lewis Falls is located inside the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Lewis Falls is located in the southern portion of Yellowstone. It’s a very easy to get to and a quick drive if you’re staying outside of the southern entrance, and of course if you’re staying inside the park.

National Parks

Old Faithful Geyser

Old Faithful is one of 500 geysers located within the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming but it is by far the most famous of all those geysers. Why is this special geyser named Old Faithful, well because it’s just that faithful. It faithfully erupts on or about on schedule throughout the day.