Disney World, Florida

Are you looking to stay with the animals? Well then, Animal Kingdom Lodge might be the right resort for you! Animal Kingdom Lodge is a deluxe resort located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Animal Kingdom Lodge is broken down into two separate resorts. Jambo House which includes the main resort and the majority of dining options and Kindani Village which is home to the Disney Vacation Club or DVC section of the resort. The two resorts are connected by a walkway and bus section and they also have a resort shuttle that run back and forth between both resorts.

Animal Kingdom lodge is designed after a traditional African kraal and as such is in a horseshoe shape which allows for views around the savannas filled with over 200 animals. Upon entering the magnificent lobby you’ll feel just like you stepped inside Africa with authentic artwork and theming.

Off the main lobby there is shopping which includes souvenirs and snacks.

In the evenings you can get name signs made on sight.

Straight through the lobby you’ll find access to the walk out savanna area which hosts late night fire pits, walk out savanna viewing, character meet and greets and seating areas. The savanna options at this resort are what draw guests to visit. It’s unlike any other resort and are a highlight for many.

Animal Kingdom Lodge boasts a large pool with a waterslide and poolside bar.

Another highlight for guests at Animal Kingdom Lodge are the wide variety of dining options on site. In addition to the The Mara which is the quick serve dining option, Animal Kingdom Lodge also hosts several sit down dining options. Boma-an African style buffet serving breakfast and dinner, Jiko Signature dining for dinner, Cape Town Wine and Lounge Bar, Victoria Falls Lounge, and Sanaa-famous for their bread service.

Let’s take a look at the rooms at Animal Kingdom Lodge…..

Animal Kingdom Lodge also has plenty to do when not spending time in the parks. You can of course spend time at the pool and the cast members will have activities poolside throughout the day. This includes movies under the stars which happens poolside.

Make sure you check the activities boards for all that’s happening during the week.

Pros of this resort-

Deluxe-Since it’s a deluxe resort there’s less people, more space, buses run more frequently.

Savanna-if you’re an animal lover this resort is absolutely for you. It’s amazing being able to book a room with a savanna room or sit out in an observation area and watch animals.

Dining-there is plenty of dining options right at your resort, much more than most resorts.

Simba’s Clubhouse-such a fun place to go with your children and have a break from the rush to do activities. Free and paid available.

Cons of this resort-

Savanna-those savanna rooms will cost you and don’t come with every room.

Pools-since the savanna takes up a large portion of the resort this resort ONLY has one pool where most resorts have 2 or 3 and a splash area.

Distance to Park-Animal Kingdom Lodge is currently the farthest resort out from the parks so it’s about a 20 minute bus ride to Magic Kingdom.

Buses-the buses are shared between both Jambo house and Kidani Village and are often full and drop off at both locations. The buses pass Jambo house-which is the first of the two resorts and drops off at Kindani first, which is not fun if you’re standing on the bus coming back from Magic Kingdom. The bus stands are also at the bottom of the walkway off the resort lobby so they can be quite a walk to and from resort rooms.

Need help planning your trip to Disney? You can find me on Facebook at Callie at Wanderkeep Travel or you can message me at callie@wanderkeep.com and as always my services are complimentary when you book through me.

About Author

I'm Callie, a wanderer and travel planner who enjoys all things Disney, taking the winding road, soaking in the sun, seeing the Fall leaves and planning! I believe in taking the trip, setting the goal and making memories. Come with me as we do all the things in all the places.

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